Bass Fishing

large mouth bass
To learn about fishing is important if you are a fishermen know your enemy and fight them with the best tackle that you have! Use hooks and nets and you are sure to catch yourself a monster largemouth bass in no time so go ahead go fishing! But first read this page and learn more about the largemouth bass.

First off the largemouth bass is one of the most popular of the game fish that are out there. That means allot of people know how to catch a largemouth bass. The sunfish family is what family the largemouth bass are in so that is one thing to know about the largemouth bass.

The largemouth bass started out being in USA, Canada and Mexico but now a days you can find the largemouth bass all around the world and in every state in the United States. That is a big jump so this fish is not going extinct any time soon as the fish is able to become all over the world because people love to fish for them. Not many fishes can claim this kind of ground so it is something fishers can be proud of.

Black bass are what the largemouth bass are usually called. This name is a name for all bass there are the red eye bass is a part of the largemouth bass family. Also the spotted bass is a part of the largemouth bass family. If you want to tell the difference between a largemouth bass and other bass you can mostly tell by the mouth of the bass. So keep that in mind when trying to figure out what fish you are catching the mouth goes past the eye when it is closed so that is what to look for. There is also a place between the fins that have a dip and that are what you can tell if your fish has that it is most likely a largemouth bass.

There are only two types of largemouth bass one is the Florida largemouth bass and the other is the northern. The Florida largemouth bass grow faster then the northern largemouth bass so if you want to fill up a lake with big fish then you are better to go with the Florida largemouth bass. If you want a fish that lives longer you should go with the northern largemouth bass it is up to you bigger or live longer which ever you choose fill up your lake with bass and learn how to catch this great game fish.

The largemouth bass has a hybrid of the two and sometimes people use that in this lake. Also the largemouth bass is very smart and will avoid lures it has seen in the past even for the rest of its life in some cases.

The place where a largemouth bass would live is the warm water. Cold water is not a place where the largemouth bass would want to live. Many people will put largemouth bass in ponds where they are to live good. The largemouth bass is a predator they will often surprise fish that are used for bait and lizards and eat them. This is common activity for the largemouth bass.

When the largemouth bass are mating and having baby fish they tend to do it in shallow waters. Some largemouth bass have been seen spawning in deep waters but it is not common. If you are looking for this type of fish look for hard areas like gravel or even sand and those are the areas that the fish will be in.

The way to catch bass is to use a lure or even night crawlers. Both are tactics that are used to catch bass all the time. Even minnows are sometimes used to catch largemouth bass. The lures you should use should look like other bugs and insects to have the best approach. If you are fishing in deeper waters a bobber and hook is sometimes the best way to fish for the largemouth bass.

The water temperature for spawning is around sixty three to seventy one degrees. The world record for size of the fish is the twenty pounds four ounces. That is all you need to know about largemouth bass so go ahead and fish today.